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JOURNEYDANCE, movement as spiritual practice Open yourself to the Joy of Life!! Come dance in Freedom and Flow... Dance your Wildest Dreams, your Deepest Desires, your Inner Strength, your Higher Self... I invite you to an exploration of your Body, your Mind, your Heart...up to the heights of your Spirit...of the One Spirit, dancing us all... Journey Dance yoga-dance is a combination of dance, visualisation and ritual that aims to create an intimate relationship... to the Body, as the Temple of the Spirit, to the Breath, as the Ultimate Current of the Life Force and to the Other, as a Partner, a Friend, a Part of Ourselves... W e   a r e   a l l   D a n c e r s ! ! Dance has always been a universal way to express ourselves, our feelings and emotions, our joys and pains...to celebrate or mourn...to welcome or say goodbye...to initiate or bring to an end... That's exactly what we do in Journey Dance yoga-dance, as well! We reach deep into ourselves, find that which hinders our progress and take it out, dance with it, challenge it and let it go... We learn to realise and appreciate our strengths and talents, accept and attend to our needs and wants, and embrace the totality of life experience... Free from bondages and full of gratitude, we connect to the Life Source within, the Pure Light that forms the centre of our being, to experience a Transcendental Reality, with no limits... to experience Oneness with All That Is...and rest in Divine Bliss... JD class; the description ''In the beginning was the Word...'' The class begins with sound. The power of sound and its effects on the human body and consciousness has been common knowledge among the spiritual traditions of all ages, all over the world, and only recently has it been proven scientifically and widely accepted. We start by either chanting the specific mantras of each one of the seven chakras, or by making special sounds, that have been found to stimulate the chakras. This way, we create a change in our brain patterns, bring ourselves to the present and prepare for the Journey...   ''...we cannot be grateful, unless we are grounded in the present moment, and we cannot be grounded in the present moment, unless we are grounded in the body...'' Beginning on the floor, we make contact with the ground, establishing our connection to Mother Earth and coming fully into our bodies...We let go of body and mind tensions, stretching and rolling, breathing deeply and letting sounds out, to feel completely relaxed, safe and fully present...   ''...Water is Sacred, Water is Life...'' More than 70% of the human body is fluid!! Moving on into our fluid body, we invoke our sensual, feeling nature, through circular, feline movement, undulating our spine and limbs, and floating around ourselves and others... Energy starts moving and we feel alive and creative, ''going with the flow''... ''Opening up in sweet surrender...'' Our movements now become bigger, while we open up and take space, to express our whole selves and be all that we are and can be..It is now time to dive courageously into the depths of the ocean of our emotions, embody them completely, in order to set them free, and let them guide us to Light and  Wholeness..Time to fly...!! ''...Become like a child...'' We bring out our Inner Child to dance, play, laugh, jump all around and be crazy!! We set aside our need for control and our fear of silliness and connect with our partners from a place of Innocence, Openness and Joy... ''...Light up the fire of love inside and blaze the thoughts away...'' , Rumi Fire Rituals have been an inseparable part of world traditions and cultures, since ancient years. Fire represents the Power of Purification, through the Destruction of impurities and limitations. As related to the Sun, Fire is also regarded a symbol of  the Power of Life, Energy and, ultimately, Enlightenment... We create our own fire ritual, dancing around the 'fire', invoking our primitive, shamanic nature, to 'burn' anything that binds us and ignite our Inner Fire, Self-confidence, Courage, Strength and Creativity. We become One with the Fire, letting the flames dance us... We take initiative, we lead or follow and support our partners, in this powerful, expressive Dance. ''...Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, when you're perfectly free...'' Embodied, fluid, open and empowered, we now dance in Freedom, guided by our Passion and celebrating ourselves, celebrating Life!! Completely free, creative movement...Pure Wild Energy!!! ''...They say there is a window from one heart to another... How can there be a window, when no wall remains?...'' , Rumi Reaching the space of the Heart, we slow down, to listen to our Heart's Truth, tapping into its Higher, Timeless Wisdom. Inspired by the music, guided by our Heart Centre and letting its Energy flow through our 'wings', we heal our wounds and come closer to one another, in Universal Love; our Ultimate Nature... ''...Your Body is Your Temple...'' Embracing the Tantric perspective that celebrates the Body as a doorway -the ultimate doorway- to Spirit, and Sensuality - Sexuality as a highly effective Path towards Enlightenment, we set our luscious Self free, allow our deepest desires and our most secret dreams to surface, embodying them completely, dancing in their Reality, as if we're already IN them...Now is the time to fully accept our Body, touch, hug and enjoy it,  saying a big 'yes' to Pleasure, Sensation and Self-love... ''...I am the Prayer...'' Having reached the highest point of our Journey, we surrender to the Divine, to Spirit, to our Higher Self...to the Source, in any way each one of us perceives and experiences that Ultimate Reality... We open ourselves to that Energy of Pure Love and Light and let it shine through us, in motion or in stillness... ''...You are home...'' Making our way back to the ground, we complete our Sacred Journey where we began from... With hearts full of gratitude, lucid minds and radiant bodies, we give thanks to Mother Earth, surrounded by celestial Peace...and relax... CHAKRAS JourneyDance yoga-dance is based on the ancient Eastern theory of the chakras, the energy centres of the body. The chakras are located on a vertical axis, along the spine. There are seven main chakras, namely: mooladhara, swadisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddha, agna and sahasrara. Every chakra corresponds with a specific colour, symbol, sound (mantra), as well as with one of the elements of nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether/Space), and, also,  relates to and affects specific organs of the human body and aspects of human life and experience. Throughout our Journey,we make use of several techniques, utilising the above elements, in various combinations, to stimulate, remove any blockages and release the potential of each and every one of them. At different stages of the process, various tools, such as: guided imagery, visualisation, simple movement sequences and suggestions, free dance, yoga asanas and breathing techniques, meditation, group and partner work and energy experimentations are brought into play, to enrich our Journey and help us experience different aspects of ourselves and our potential.
Stella Stathi Certified Instructor London UK Journey Dance yoga-dance
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