About Stella Stathi
Stella is a certified JourneyDance instructor, Yoga teacher and Reiki healer. JourneyDance guide and Reiki & Reiki Drum practitioner. She is also a qualified Jungian psychotherapist and Somatic Movement therapist, in private practice. She brings together all her various areas of expertise, with the aim of creating transformational experiences that facilitate deep connection with one’s body, mind, heart and Spirit.  Her great appreciation for the healing potential of the body’s wisdom led her to pursue extensive studies in a number of body-based practices over the last eleven years. She has been trained in different styles of yoga, including Vinyasa Flow, Yin/Mindful and Chakra Yoga, while she is also influenced by the Satyananda and Kripalu Yoga traditions. Being a life-long lover of movement and dance, she went on to complete level I and II trainings in JourneyDance and SomaSoul; two creative, therapeutic/spiritual disciplines, using the body and movement to express one’s innermost experience and develop profound understanding of oneself, compassion and self-love. Her deep interest in the Chakras -the energetic portals of life force in the human body - inspired her to study, research and write extensively on this fascinating esoteric system and make the chakras the main focus of both her yoga and dance classes. By corresponding to specific body parts and life areas, the chakras offer a comprehensive map of personal growth and spiritual awakening. Stella’s greatest passion lies in using body-based practices to unleash the immense potential of the chakras, which brings about a state of balance and radiant health on all levels, ultimately fulfilling yoga’s highest aim; embodied union with the Divine. As a psychotherapist, Stella specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and body image issues. She is passionate about assisting women to heal their relationship with food and to love, accept and celebrate their bodies. Her approach combines the transpersonal, holistic, soul-and- Self-oriented psychology of Carl Jung with the embodiment and mind-body connection that forms the foundation of Somatic Psychotherapy. For Stella’s Eating Disorders and Body-Image issues website and blog, please click here: www.eatingdisordersspecialist.co.uk.
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